Thursday, March 13, 2008


see ya there!

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

oh man. what is wrong with ppl these days. those who wanna go to poly last time wanna come back to ny. then those who wanna go to jc now wanna go to poly?!?! then there is the case of the super imbalance gender ratio in this year's batch of students with like a mere 300 odd guys and 500 odd girls. not to mention that ny now requires 10 pts and below to get in. and there are like 530 students trying to appeal in as of this morning. so the entire cca bazaar also became a huge failure where the bulk of students in the bazaar are j2s with almost zero j1s left by 4.

ya. plucked out my 4 wisdom tooth yesterday. what a pain. luckily there was this aneasthetic that help numb the pain and put me to sleep if not i think i would have just freaked out. 4 tooth man. that is like a lot. so now what is left is 4 5mm stitches at places where my teeth used to be. urgh. or yeeeee.... as what daph and mp put it. now i'm starting to crave for anything that aint porridge or cereal. coz after eating that for just all my meals so far, it is really starting to drive me nuts esp when my mum and dad eats prata in front of me...

oh well, tmr is time for orientation i guess. not even sure whether i wanna go for it in the first place... bless you

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May your light shine...
in the darkness...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year. mmm. a time of loads of goodies, visiting and... ang baos!

there goes all the trng for a month. pineapple tarts, bak gua, prawn rolls, peanuts, pastries, sweets, eating and more eating... haha can't resist the temptation every time i see it.

yet when i opened my email, it occured to me that NVM is next week, and i have not done a thing bout it at all. hmm i guess i shall put it aside and use it as a fat burner then. who cares bout winning man.

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May your light shine...
in the darkness...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day!

thanks to all those who gave me chocolates and gifts esp juian, karmun, hek ming, james, jonathan... etc and others whom i forgotten to mention.

though i am still single, but today was still super fun. fun disturbing darren, finding out bout kaishuo's crush, binging on chocolates, spending time with my class, getting into the spirit of valentine's day haha. oh yah my dad gave my mom this ring and necklace too. so romantic.

had such an enjoyable day. however since i'm tired from training too i shall say gdbye and got to catch some sleep.

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May your light shine...
in the darkness...

Monday, February 12, 2007

finally a weekend that i truly felt relaxed... yet it is over as of 12 midnight tonite. haha dun need to go to sch today coz j1's gotta choose the sch they wanna go.

fri- went for The One 2007. Javin won. too bad for Poh boon man. though he still managed to get quite a number of votes. lolz he just lack the star appeal. Javin however had star appeal and also sang quite well so naturally he won esp when all the bballers placed all their votes on him. ziqing and sheila went to sing too. i think they did quite well lah. just chose the wrong song i think. haha seriously good try (:

as for the release of the O level. for those who did well, congrats. however, dun get so cocky over ur results and better start mugging. for those who did not do as well as expected, just chill out and pray over it. take the remainder of the days to think over. it aint over yet. and lastly for the ppl who aint staying due to various reasons, bye. thanks for the last month.

sat- db+cell group+svc+fellowship
man that was one after another from 9am-10pm. what a ride man.
trng was crazy. gotta row with 2, not 1 BUT 2 tyres. that was after couple of sprints here and there. imagine an hr of rowing with those 2 huge algae-filled tyres that strangely reminded me of those circle thingy ppl hang outside their doors during xmas...
after trng then went to eat carl's junior with eric, tandy and yihe. man i was so famished. quickly gulped it down then chiong from dhoby gaut all the way to pasir ris at da jie's house. and i was so shagged that i almost missed took the train back from pasir ris to boon lay coz i was sleeping on the train. luckily i woke up in time man.

then went to da jie's house, and saw the 2 kittens. super cute sia. one brown and another grey.
ya. then later went to church. and i saw on all the seats in church this red color bag that i at first tot was a wine bag or had oranges in it but instead i got stunned when i opened it...

it was a .... bottle of CIF and a sponge.
later then we found out that it was a hint asking the members to help clean up the house before CNY. wow big hint sia. lolz

ya. after svc went to fellowship with cg basically terri, huixiang, huili, john, gerade and felix. ate at expo coz everyone did not want to travel too much. haha we still had loads of fun there. spent time taking loads of dumb pics. this was mainly due to me having to bring the stupid paddle everywhere. it was so pai sei lah. everyone stares at u when u enter the bus or train...haiz all because the cupboard broke into 3 pcs last week. anyway we stayed till around 10 plus before finally leaving as expo is kinda far esp for the peeps staying in the west.

then sunday was spent resting. went to pass some stuff over to my aunty with my mum. then later went to clean up the house. finally watched the last pck episode last nite. so sad. after 10 yrs, we gotta hang up those yellow boots, curly hair and the mole. lolz. goodbye to the childhood of an entire generation. dun pray pray. lolz

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in the darkness...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

tmr will be the day for the j1's to get their O level results. woot. nothing much to say other than God bless.

Valentine's day is coming too. with more ppl disturbing me again...

no mood to do much lately. must focus on the purpose of this yr. focus. focus.

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May your light shine...
in the darkness...

Monday, February 05, 2007


The day when my o level results was released is still clearly etched in my mind. It was a day where I strangely felt at peace in my heart. That day I remembered it so clearly.

I woke up that day feeling like it was just a dream. It was not how I imagined it as back then like when ppl just walk up one by one to collect this slip of paper that shows u the fate of the next 2-3 yrs of ur life. But instead it was just signing this stupid paper that tells u how many points u scored. Then taking the testimonial. And finally realizing that the actual cert will only be given at a later date.

Later on, I spent the rest of the day hanging out and walking round sch thanking all the teachers who spent so many hours doing consultation like mrs Elaine Goh, Mr Toh, Mr Heng, Mr Danny Ng… and of course ms saras. (the person who gave us hell for 2 yrs.)
Then we walked around the sch remembering the old times we had together. The suicide window where I broke my arm, the scout den where we used to play bridge and carem, the track where i finally broke the 1030 barrier. The grandstand which floods like a waterfall. Oh well still got many more. So many 1st times had taken place there. haiz

That day, when I saw my L1R5 got 12. I was so relieved yet at the same time utterly disappointed. Relieved that I did not score as bad as my prelims before moderation (24). Yet disappointed that I did not do better to get out of nyjc. At that time I seriously thought that ny really suck. Other than a couple of good frens here and there, there was seriously nothing that attracted me to stay.

Well at least that was till I met the 0622 gang lol. Loads of fun times. Sometimes though it was seriously dumb but well at least we still get a good laugh out of it. Haha I still rmb the 2 clubs we had then. The GAY club and the muggers club… man those were the days.

Then there was also the long and tiring cca. Hey but though it was tough but that entire yr with the krt ppl like yanhan, Brandon, jinsheng, Elaine, chee siong, Cheryl, derick, jeanette, yee lee, Kenneth and all was just absolutely wonderful. Going through thick and thin together. That’s the spirit man.

All I just really wanna say is for ppl who are gonna get their results this fri , dun make ur decision so fast. When u get ur result, go talk to ur parents and teachers. Then afterwards think through then make the final decision. Ny can still be a fun place. It all depends on individuals to make it happen. So take care now.

God bless.

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May your light shine...
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